COMUNELLO gate accessories dealers: official reseller

Comunello gate accessories are daily selected by professional craftsmen, designers and architects to provide consumers with the best innovative solutions, 100% Made in Italy.

ParidePro is among official COMUNELLO gate accessories dealers: Italian solutions for metal gates and doors like hinges, floor tracks, cantilever gate carriages.

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Official Italian resellers/dealers of COMUNELLO metal gate accessories – ParidePro

ParidePro, a brand of Ferramenta Paride, among official Italian sellers of COMUNELLO gate accessories, offers a wide selection of roller guides, hinges, racks and wheels for COMUNELLO both sliding and cantilever solutions.  


Moreover, ParidePro experts daily develop complex projects by designing new metal gates (traditional, sliding or cantilever) for private and industry sectors, using the most innovative 3D softwares and mechanical simulation tools.

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The most frequently bought items of COMUNELLO brand are available in our warehouse and all COMUNELLO products may be ordered and delivered to the customer in a real short time*.

If you wish to discover more about COMUNELLO products, in ParidePro online store the majority of COMUNELLO items is already presented with detailed descriptions and technical data sheets.


Alternatively, our experienced team is completely at your disposal for any kind of question you could have on COMUNELLO product offers.

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COMUNELLO S.p.A is an Italian company specialized in designing and manufacturing metal gate and automation accessories.

It’s more than 50 years since the founder, Vittorio Comunello, started his pioneering adventure in 1965 to build a company for the production of components for sliding gates.

50 years of precision in the manufacture of perfect components, maintaining pace with the evolution of the most advanced technologies while guaranteeing complete security and safety.

Now COMUNELLO is run by the second generation: Franco, Silvia and Luca.

It exports its products to more than 105 countries worldwide. 

The Group comprises 4 divisions with all products from each Division 100% designed and manufactured at the company premises in Italy.


COMUNELLO Group of companies is built on a solid, reliable, well-structured manufacturing base.

This total control over manufacturing processes guarantees the highest levels of quality.

About that, in COMUNELLO’s website dedicated configurators are available to correctly size and select components for a cantilever gate and a sliding gate.

Input data are overall structure dimensions and weight, while the output is the list of accessories needed to make it real.

The company production for gate accessories is located in its plant in Vicenza (Northern Italy).

It goes without saying that Comunello gate products are 100% Designed in Italy, synonymous with constant innovation and excellent quality standards.

ParidePro has been an official Italian COMUNELLO dealer for many years: Rolling Center metal gate products are the perfect mix among inventiveness, artisan technics and robustness.  

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Why choose ParidePro for completing your creations?

ParidePro is a brand of Ferramenta Schiavon Paride, in hardware business since 1986.

We have selected the most amazing Italian producers and products to help craftsmen and professional workers in shaping their idea.

Every year our experienced team actively supports thousands and thousands of companies in offering better solutions to their final customers, by proposing Rolling Center novelties and cost efficient solutions.

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Our development engineers will help you in identifying the best solution for your specific application.

Moreover, thanks to powerful 3D software, the full structure of your gate may be 100% virtually designed.

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The possibility to provide items that aren’t already embedded in our catalog/systems is strictly tied to the minimum number of pieces per pack.

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