Custom design solutions

ParidePro team is made up of technicians and engineers who design mechanical components according to customers’ needs. Our portfolio covers mainly metal gate and door solutions.

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ParidePro team develops solutions for metal gates and doors

Proven experience

We are in the metal hardware sector since 1986: Paride, the founder, worked as blacksmith designing and constructing metal gates and fences.

Robust solutions

ParidePro always offers products designed to last as much as they can. We strongly belive in delivering something that works perfectly, putting 100% of our body and soul.

Skilled engineers

ParidePro team is made up of gratuated guys in technical fields, like mechanical enginering and economics. Dynamic technicians motivated by their work and new opportunities.

Cost effective design

Cost of a product/solution is always a real concern in this very competitive world. Consequently we may offer different price lvels according to customers' desired target.

Customized needs

Artisans are the hands to shape human thoughts in something real: we really support and design personalized solutions for doors and gates.

Strive for the better

Continuous improvement is our mantra: we apply the PDCA cycle in our warehouse and productions site to radipdlycorrect what's not going well and to reduce risks and errors.

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