The best Italian hardware brands

A wide selection of the most impacful Italian hardware brands: the perfect match among inspiration, design and functionality ready to be shipped to your facilities

Some of our stunning Italian partners

Since 1986 ParidePro has been selecting the best Italian hardware manufacturers, whose products are the perfect mix of passion and innovation.

Why choose our Italian hardware?

Italy is the county of artisans: what doesn't really exist is eventually custom-made


In terms of hardware components for doors and windows, Italian companies play an important role on the market. Research & Development is part of our DNA so that a huge quantity of patents are yearly filled by engineers and technicians.


Fit, feel and finish is the essence of the human experience: the emotions given by grabbing a handle are translated from product concept to final industrialization. Quality certifications, like ISO 9001, are widely spread among manufacturers.


Every day in our partners' offices their designers work hard to push ideas into reality. Nature is a source of inspiration, while materials like wood, metal, brass, concrete are combined together to shape the perfect novelty.


Have you ever been to Italy? if you have, this chapter doesn't deserve any additional word: passion is what daily drives us. Passion is triggered by the desire of makeing something stunning: finally it's brought in our products.


Every Italian hardware product (handle, lock, hinge, whatever you could think about) is unique: you won't find neither a fake handle nor a quite similar to another designed among our companies. That's the seal of uniquess!


Our hardware components are manufactured with the most innovative processes and technologies: from CNC to surface coating, every aspect of the production is detailly studied to support operators in ensuring the optimal results.

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