Krona Koblenz hinges and sliding systems dealers

Krona Koblenz concealed hinges and door sliding systems are daily selected by professional craftsmen, designers and architects to provide consumers with the best hardware solutions, 100% Made in Italy.

ParidePro is among official Krona Koblenz concealed hinges and sliding systems dealers: Italian hardware for doors and furniture.

Worldwide fast shipment in 48/72 hours from an authorized reseller!

Official Italian resellers/dealers of Krona Koblenz concealed hinges and door systems – ParidePro

ParidePro, a brand of Ferramenta Paride, among official Italian sellers of Krona Koblenz concealed hinges, offers a wide selection of hinges for wooden doors and furniture, mechanisms for swing, folding, sliding and rebated doors.


Krona Koblenz product catalogue offers a wide range of solutions for wooden door hinges and wooden door systems, appreciated by architects and interior designers.

These are special concealed hinges, designed and tested to support high loads in their whole lifetime (like Atomika range) swing and sliding door systems to provide the best functionality and fit feel and finish for end users, as the the newest Tricks mechanism without wheels.


The most frequently bought concealed hinges of Krona Koblenz brand are available in our warehouse and all Krona Koblenz products may be ordered and delivered to the customer in a real short time*.

If you wish to discover more about Krona Koblenz concealed hinges and sliding door systems, in ParidePro online store the majority Krona Koblenz products, like Atomika serie, are already presented with detailed descriptions, technical data sheets and certifications.

krona koblenz concealed hinges

Alternatively, our experienced team is completely at your disposal for any kind of question you could have on Krona Koblenz product offers.

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Krona Koblenz’s peculiarities

Krona Koblenz provides solutions for sliding and rebated doors.

Despite the name, the Company is 100% Made in Italy.

Its head quarter, located in Rimini, close to Adriatic sea, perfectly reflects the spirit of the Krona Koblenz Group: 1500 m2 of avant-garde technology and pure design are embedded in the suggestive inland landscapes.


But the real business capital of Krona Koblenz is represented by its Human Resources.

A mix between the professional skills and the qualified experience of its long-term collaborators, together of course with the enthusiastic participation of the many young people working there.

Reliability, quality and design are, in this case more than ever, synonymous for the well-known Made in Italy products and are actually the most important characteristics.

In order to provide a long-term operation efficiency, the Company offers a very large choice of articles and innovative solutions for sliding and rebated doors, represented in two different product categories: KRONA and KOBLENZ.

The KOBLENZ product category offers a catalogue with several innovative sliding solutions for furniture and a large number of invisible and adjustable hinges for rebated doors. The most famous products are Atomika and Kubika concealed hinges.

Articles covered by technical and design patents that go along with the KRONA category of products, destined both for sliding doors such as pocket door frames for brick and plasterboard walls, and for rebated doors, more oriented to the contemporary design standards.

All in all, Krona Koblenz catalogue offers more than 4.000 hardware items, marketed worldwide, from USA to Middle East.


ParidePro has been an official Italian Krona Koblenz dealer for many years: mechanisms for swing, folding and sliding doors are the perfect mix among imagination, artisan technics and timeless design.  

All other ParidePro brands are presented in our online store.


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Why choose ParidePro for completing your creations?

ParidePro is a brand of Ferramenta Schiavon Paride, in hardware business since 1986, which has selected the most amazing Italian producers and products to help craftsmen and professional workers in shaping their ideas.

Every year our experienced team actively supports thousands and thousands of companies in offering better solutions to their final customers, by proposing Krona Koblenz novelties and high quality solutions.

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  1. ParidePro team doesn’t provide neither in loco assistance or assembling/disassembling of doors, windows, furniture. We are Krona Koblenz resellers, dealers.
  2. The possibility to provide items that aren’t already embedded in our catalog/systems is strictly tied to the minimum number of pieces per pack. E.g., if you needed just one piece of an article sold in a package of 10, this should be firstly evaluated by our sales team. For any doubt get in touch with our experts.